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  • introducing EngageAdvantage™--
    because your success depends on your patients' success

    4 ways we help you and your patients succeed

  • the advantage of
    a personalized experience

    see how EngageAdvantage™ can
    motivate and empower patients
    to become actively engaged in their own care

  • the advantage of
    seamless care transitions

    take a tour of our innovative
    data sharing and care coordination platform

Solutions designed to help you provide better care at lower cost


patient journey

A Patient's Journey made easier with Vree Health's EngageAdvantage Solution

Learn how Vree Health's solutions help patients improve their health through better connections to care. 

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pilot program

Vree Health EngageAdvantage Pilot Program

Learn about our Pilot Program

Lead and innovate within the industry, while entering a low-risk engagement that works to improve patient and staff satisfaction, internal workflow and community wide health. Limited space remaining, learn more today!

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vree health news

Can healthcare organizations be more responsible when it comes to the quality of care for their patients? The answer to that question just may lie...Read More

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