INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Pillars of Transitional Care

By Sarah Haviland | Aug 23, 2013 9:32:00 AM

Reducing preventable 30-day hospital readmissions has long been a high-priority for healthcare organizations and payers. Avoidable hospitalizations not only burden our healthcare system with unnecessary costs, they may also take an emotional and physical toll on patients and their families, decreasing their confidence in and satisfaction with the quality of their care. The CMS penalties for excess readmissions, which started kicking in last October, only intensified the focus on a solution.

While a number of interventions have been tried--ranging from promising new telehealth and remote monitoring technologies to good old-fashioned personal support, such as home visits--no silver bullet has emerged. And we've only managed to put a small dent in this $17 billion problem. According to data published by CMS in April, there were 70,000 fewer Medicare readmisions in 2012. Progress, to be sure. But still a long way from success.

In fact, if there's one thing that can be learned from the past year's efforts, it's that reducing readmissions is a multi-faceted problem with no single one-size-fits-all solution. As this infographic shows, it take a comprehensive approach to transitional care that's built on four solid pillars of success.

4 Pillars of Transitional Care

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